What is a Transponder Key ?​

Transponder - is a term made from Transmitter and Responder. The vehicle has the transmitter and the key contains the responder. A transponder key is an integral part of the engine management system and contains a passive electronic chip embedded in the plastic head of the key - passive meaning it does not require any power. The chip is powered by a signal sent out from the vehicle once the key is inserted into the ignition lock. Most of the time these chips are not visible and can be fitted inside very small plastic key heads.

Without the correct chip being identified by the vehicles computer, quite simply the engine will not start or run.


Transponder Car Keys





Does my car have one ?​

With very few exceptions, all cars manufactured after 2000 have this technology in-built into the engine management system. A lot of vehicles had this technology from the mid to late 1990's irrespective of  the model or whether the vehicle has central locking -ie  a remote for locking and unlocking the doors. Central locking is a completely seperate system *. As mentioned, the chips are passive and require no battery power. Keys with transponder chips and central locking remote buttons are referred to as Integrated Keys.

* Some early factory and aftermarket systems do link an immobiliser to an alarm and central locking and do require power.
What do I do to get a spare key ?

Contact us with the cars details or bring your key in to us for identification *. The identification process only takes a minute and in a lot of cases it can provide a few options. Options can provide more cost effective solutions for you. Having a spare key programmed for your vehicle will save you a lot of inconvenience and in the end - a lot of money should you lose a key. It could most likely be the cheapest insurance you have ever paid !

Click on the button to view some of our popular standard transponder keys or go to the Integrated Keys in the shop for keys with remotes.

*In some cases it is quite common for dealers not to be able to tell you immediately what key is required or whether it has a chip.

Genuine or aftermarket ?

We stock and use Genuine, OEM and the best possible after market parts to meet our customers needs. In most cases, not only are we able to produce a key much more cost effective than the original - we can offer a better option for durability and replacement when a key has worn out, has been bent or has been broken. The chips are the same quality as in original manufacturers keys and the key blades are made to the highest quality available and are cut on computer controlled machinery to original manufacturers specifications.  In most cases when you need to replace an original dealer key you will also be replacing the chip as well as it is moulded into the head and not retrievable. Original dealer keys also require diagnostic and or onboard procedures - just for a spare. Most integrated keys however will also require diagnostic programming by us as well.



Contact us with your vehicle details - we should have options to be able to program new keys into your vehicle. Some European made vehicles may not be possible - hence the need to ensure that you always have a spare key !.


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